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Spine Stretcher & Adjuster

Spine Stretcher & Adjuster

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  • Relieves Back Pain & Improves Posture - Our back stretcher with acupressure offers physical stretching, acupuncture massage and back support for your neck, back, shoulder, and effective for low back pain relief, spine decompression, back decompression, posture correction, sciatica nerve, herniated disc, back stretching, scoliosis and spinal realignment.
  • Upgraded Design Structure - Our back stretcher function is to correct the spine, PP plastic material, variety of colors, 10 magnets, size 380 * 250mm, designed to withhold a maximum of 400 pounds (with the tested results). Spine board is equipped with an NBR foam strip, they can provide cushioning, so you can use it more comfortably.


  • Daily Back Stretching in Any Occasion - This spine deck is lightweight and portable. It's convenient to use at home, in the car, in the gym, on a yoga mat, or in an office chair. Lie down and relax for 5 - 10 minutes each time, twice a day.

  • How to use - Put the spine correction plate on the bed or stall, adjust the appropriate tensile strength, Place the spine correction plate behind the buttocks with the back of the product facing the buttocks, Lie down slowly, Correct posture: sideways and shoulder support.
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